2008 - 2010 - Transformation

Jewellery is for me an object, which communicates on non-verbal level. Jewellery emits signals. The signals which originate from thought, ideas and concepts. These pulsate in the space and communicate. My main idea is to show jewellery as a an object which becomes its power by wearing on human body.

I find my inspiration often in the nature. The nature has perfected her forms about milliards of years; to imitate their creations is for me natural.
I´m interested in deals with interaction between living and non-living elements and systems.
The transformation is about the symbiosis of these two systems.
The transformation of animals in art ; pre-historical animals, totem animals or insects. These nature creations transform our human being. Our inner life and soul.
I was inspired by natural stones and biological forms. I have transformed the form of living animals in jewellery pieces, by using natural stones (fluorite, topaz, aragonite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, garnet…..), amber, pearl, silver and copper.