2009 - 2011 - The scent of jewelry

I always think about the connection between aroma and jewellery. How much smell influences our life and our sympathies to others, our thinking and our emotions?
Wearing perfume will be like wearing jewellery. Wooden pieces are impregnated with a mixture of ethereal oils and bee-wax to make a new dimension and an experience which has his origin in Pomander (or musk apple). The relation between jewellery and perfume is very close.
In the middle Ages, the ladies and lords of the Provence carried small pendants filled with musk or amber which were called “Pomander “. Magic forces were ascribed to this pendants and it is said that they protected its bearer.
In times of pestilence, pomander was worn or carried in a vase, as a protection against infections, or merely as a useful article to soothe bad smells.
Ceremonies, Amulets, Perfumes
To reassert tribal needs and memories
You can see the jewel
But if you close your eyes
You can “only” smell it
Smells like sweet moschus
Like memories.
Emotion is a memory of scent
Scent is a memory of emotion