2010 - Steinzeit

The fascinating Stone Age

The Stone Age, by definition, starting with the application by people from the first produced and applying stone tools, which are used for this again by changing the base material into the mold for the purpose of disposal. In its follow are slip rocks of the ancient archaeological cultures transported by less deductions for weapons and tools with sharp edges.
From the age of the Lower Palaeolithic in Africa, rather Ethiopia, remained these tools, which are about 2.5 million years old, and reflect Europe's oldest finds from Georgia who are 0.7 million years younger, for us.
The hand-axes, the tool with a round base and pointed trimmed opposite side was "The Swiss Knife" of the Stone Age. Through his amazing design he fulfilled numerous functions. These modified artificial stones were used by the people or their hominine ancestors to chopping, cutting, scraping, hitting, throwing, scratching, acting and design ideas. What a tool!