2014 - Royal Psychopaths

There are enough megalomaniacs in the world. Enough criminals and despots, royal psychopaths who could open any closed door with the correct key. Just if they would get it into their hands. The key that opens the treasury, the doors of the prisons, or triggers the explosion.
The one who knows the correct digital code can shut down the Internet, or hack in all banks and institutions.
The obvious symbol on the button, that turns off everything, which can be found on any computer or machine, is taken for power. The one, who owns this symbol, has strength and power and can destroy the world at a draught.
These new royal regalia clad in jewelry with royal colors, are new objects of power and symbols of world domination.
The one, who has all strings in his hands, has absolute power.
"Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.“ (Lord Acton)