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Arte Y Joya - Ardent desire Titanium brooch -Terra Incognita

Arte Y Joya

award, Work / Off / November 27, 2020

The contemporary jewellery yearbook Arte y Joya was born in 2011 in response to the request of many designers, who were loyal readers of our magazines, with an overview of art and jewellery who wanted to make awareness of their work. Creating this book our aim was to highlight the work of the community of contemporary jewellery. The world of contemporary jewellery is an exciting one, lying between the jewellery industry and the art world.

The philosophy of Arte Y Joya is to promote art in jewellery through a magazine Arte Y Joya of Grupo Duplex, a Yearbook and exhibition scheduled during OFF week in Barcelona. From all participants, a jury of experts plus the populat vote of the website`s visitors selected 32 finalists and a winner of the tenth edition of the international Arte Y Joya Award.

It is a big pleasure for me to announce my selection in this  project, that combines tradition of the sector with today`s modernity. Establishing in the digital world, contemporary jewellery has a stable place and importance more than ever and easy access.

Brooch “Ardent Desire” 2020.

~Driftwood, anodized titanium, amethyst,
belemnite, silver. 11,5x10x4cm~

Twisted and organic shapes are
inspired by marine life forms like
medusae and anemones. The
opulence of color combinations,
paired with materials like titanium and wood result in fantasy
creations which approach real
sea animals in different ways.
Contrast and contradiction becomes sharper by using divergent
materials side by side. For me it is
important to feel the material, its
smooth or rough surface, its natural softness or its temperature.

Ardent desire Titanium brooch

Ardent desire Titanium brooch

Ardent desire Titanium brooch

Ardent desire Titanium brooch

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