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Cycles of Nature wood bracelets

Cycles of Nature

bracelet, custom jewellery, experiments, Nature, wood jewellery / Off / June 27, 2019

There is a source, a connection and motivation. It doesn’t matter which time or place. It’s only one thing and multiple possibilities. I choose work in, and for art, creating jewellery, to make my inner world visible. Colours and forms of biological organisms transformed in my mind.

Die Quelle

The source, Origin

The Fountain.

Cycles of Nature are everywhere present.

Amidst the chaos, there is harmony. Milions of fascinating species, both animals and plants depend on each other. Some of them fall into oblivion. Protect and cherish the natural world! Predictability is limited. Nature itself defies expectations and comprehensibility.

Nothing, what is made by human, is or can ever be perfect. We’re just triying to achieve the perfect stage created by nature. By making art, we act like magicans changing viewers consciousness.

We don’t see the world in black and white. There is a reason for every colour. There are no lines in nature, only fields of colours.

A piece of jewellery is like your avatar. It may be your personification of your character and your thoughts, it represents you when you wear it. It is lasting connection. A creative intention, a frame of the world view. Unfolding senses in the heart of things is to learn about the things. Why did nature give such a seductive mask its own Creation, but in our eyes it’s not like in its inner side? Why do butterflies and other insects perform in the body of unsightly larvae the magic of metamorphosis?

…Nature lodged the beauty into the actual cornerstone of creation. What makes crystals growing into their construction and systems? What brings and controls the flower to arrange its blossoms into complicated inflorescences? Who creates the colorful illustration on the wings of the butterfly or bird? But what has adjust the human eye to consider these with pleasure? Is the human eye a mirror, that nature created for itself, to recognise within like a vainly being?

Cycles of Nature is about life in art. Metamorphs in nature are very strong. Nature is a mode of communication.

All bracelets are hand carved, one of a kind pieces. Made of spruce wood, ink, 9 to 12 layers of varnish, acrylic paint, brass and glass. Additional pearls and precious/semi-precious stones.

(Price upon request)

viridis bracelet cycles of nature

viridis bracelet

austrum bracelet cycles of nature

austrum bracelet

caesium bracelet cycles of nature

caesium bracelet

cyclamina bracelet cycles of nature

cyclamina bracelet

cyclop bracelet cycles of nature

cyclop bracelet

sicarius bracelet cycles of nature

sicarius bracelet

luteus bracelet cycles of nature

luteus bracelet

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