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Blue and amber brooch

Fragile Unknown – Diploma Project/Part III

academy of fine arts and design Bratislava, degree dissertation, diploma / Off / July 27, 2018

Big wood and alginate brooch

I`ve concentrated on the diploma project with a choosen theme Paradiso/Inferno at the end of my studies.

Two units in contrast with complementary properties attracting each other. The breathless attention fill two parts of a complex called life on. Most importantly, tenderness and violence, love and hate, harmony and conflict, birth and death, heaven and hell. The emotional side of my work is based on my personal experiences. Suggestions for the creation of Paradiso / Inferno were my emotional forces, experiences and mental images. Paradiso – Garden of Eden from which we were banished forever, and what we must now create alone. This term, in the old Sumerian “Adina” – Garden means a place that seemed to be fruitful, but the following proved to be infertile. “Chawila” was a land full of gold and precious stones.
Exotic countries to which we nowadays say “Paradise Garden“, or “paradise on earth” contain the fake and false glitter of gold, made by people.


The collection of fruit from the “paradise garden” consists of necklaces, which were created after the submission of my inner pictures. There are mature fruit with vivid colour. What glitters inside is crystal glass, and they smell of essential oils. This fragrant sparkle focuses in the inside of fruit. Lavender, jasmine, rose, lilac, lime, violet, grapefruit, vanilla and blood orange. Each piece in this collection is approaching the perfume with its own shape or colour. The surface is velvety and tempts you to touch. In contrast, whole collection of nine scents, colours and reflections from the imaginary paradise garden, faces a collection of nine brooches, which embodies the Inferno.


The hell. A place where demons, nightmares, fears and phobias live. But life still has special depth, in times we must go through it. To defeat it means to bring it to the surface, to unmask it. I have pulled down my fears symbolically from my face. About 60 times repeated ritual of external cleaning by using a cosmetic mask (which strips the skin from dirt and dead skin) has projected purity to my inner self. It was a trip through purgatory. At the end an amount of wafer-thin, transparent skins with my facial imprint remained. Finally I have sewn these skins into silver frames. In these masks my fears are caught. If they become jewellery, I will defeat them. I believe that the fear thereby loses its strength and cannot harm me any more. I have sewed the wounds, but the scars have remained.”


With this diploma project I finished my studying at the Academy. After that I stayed true to nature, and the next small collection was bout Abundance. “My main idea was not to show abundance as a substance that is present in high quantities. As concept, referring to the relative representation of a species, coral and amber in a particular community, one piece of jewelry. Because it is measured as the mean number of unique found per sample, it is believed that it will come by esoteric handling with candles, crystals and essences. For me is jewellery making abundance enough. Abundance is like a never ending sea of inspiration. There are corals in the sea and golden amber pieces. I combine these in pairs and they perform a jewellery piece for me.”

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