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Event Location
HybridArt Space, Galamb U. 6, 1052 BudapestGet Direction
Event Date
14th to 29th September 2020

0 Negative ~ Budapest

0 Negative ~ Budapest

0 NEGATIVE ~ September 2020 in Budapest – 30 locations of Budapest, where contemporary jewellery events take over within the framework of Jewelry Night.

Together with 38 international Artists, my work Symphonia from the Cycles of Nature collection has been selected for the main exhibition called 0 NEGATIVE at HybridArt Space and exhibited there from 14th to 29th of September.

“I’ve named Symphonia bracelet with the Latin word, meaning harmony, composition, movements. Symphonia – harmony of forms and colours, creating an infinite amount of „calculi” (latin for small pebbles),  composed in a cluster with an order. Like the possibility of Zero negative, without the possibility of approaching zero with mathematical analysis. Symphonia is a visual representation of a small place, where + zero and – zero are opulent and unlimited.”

Jewellery from Cycles of Nature symbolizes the perfect stage created by nature. There is a source, a connection and motivation. It doesn’t matter which time or place. It’s only one thing and multiple possibilities. I choose work in, and for art, creating jewellery, to make my inner world visible. Colours and forms of biological organisms transformed in my mind.

Die Quelle

The source, Origin

The Fountain.

Cycles of Nature are everywhere present.

Amidst the chaos, there is harmony. Millions of fascinating species, both animals and plants depend on each other. Some of them fall into oblivion. Protect and cherish the natural world! Predictability is limited. Nature itself defies expectations and comprehensibility.

0 Negative - symphonia bracelet

symphonia bracelet

symphonia bracelet

symphonia bracelet