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2020 Japan Jewellery Competition  – The Japan Jewellery Design Competition is a biennial event, that has been held since 1965. It is the biggest and the most historic Jewellery Design Competition in Japan. It has been seeking epoch-making jewellery and asking what is the value of jewellery that will lead to next
generation. This event has been held internationally several times in the past. This year, it is again open for applicants from all over the world.

My new work has been accepted for the exhibition and took part in the award competition. These five brooches are made of anodized titanium, turned spruce wood, silver 925 and different gems. The size is about 5 to 7 centimeter.

They were created at the beginning of this year. I’ve made them when the Covid-19 virus has begun to spread in China. The form and the shape of the pieces remind of a Coronaviridae. These spherical particles reminiscent an image of the solar corona. This is a shape, found everywhere in nature and therefore locked in our subconscious. The original idea behind these work was to make fantasy-animal jewellery to wear, that remind of some bioluminescent fireworks jellyfish that I’ve seen in a video made by Nautilus Live Dive Recordings. My base inspiration source is drifting in the depth of the sea, catching the colours and moments, forms and movements of natures diversity.

2020 Japan Jewellery Competition is my first international exhibition in Japan.

2020 Japan Jewellery Competition - Titanium brooches "Animalia", "Medusae", "Aurelia", "Tiaridae", "Floresca"

2020 Japan Jewellery Competition – Titanium brooches “Animalia”, “Medusae”, “Aurelia”, “Tiaridae”, “Floresca”