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Event Location
ALLIAGES – 111 boulevard Victor Hugo – F-59000 LILLEGet Direction
Event Date
14. December 2019 - 15. Februar 2020

Broken Beauty

Broken Beauty

What is beauty ? When you got it broken ? Broken Beauty … « Beautiful is everything one looks at with love. » Christian Morgenstern

3 newest brooches especially made for this exhibition at Alliages gallery in Lille are included to show my interpretation of what is broken beauty for me.

To serenely accept that life is ephemeral, so it is important to let go and turn our minds away from the research of perfection, as it does not exist. On the contrary, it is in failure and imperfection that we can find beauty. Whether in our bodies or souls, wounds remind us of the pain we went through. Instead of hiding them, we have to highlight those creaks that make us unique and irreplaceable, as well as resilient in life.

Three brooches made of mangrove wood symbolize these cracks in our life. The wood is the body, from which flowers grow. They are made of poppy seed pods. The whole pieces remind of mountains, sunset or flower fields. There is a natural concept that makes the crystals growing into their construction and systems. It brings and controls the flower to arrange its blossoms into complicated inflorescence. It creates the colorful illustration on the wings of the butterfly or bird. This natural concept is the cycle of nature, metamorphosis.

broken beauty - mons brooch

mons brooch

broken beauty - crater brooch

crater brooch

broken beauty - fragmen brooch

fragmen brooch