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Event Location
67 Beixingqiao, DongCheng District, BeijingGet Direction
Event Date
8th to 11th August 2020

Chinese Mythology

Chinese Mythology

Themed by “Chinese Mythology”, this exhibition approaches China’s national character via myths and, through their creation(s) of contemporary art jewelry, expresses each artist’s exploration of cosmology, philosophical speculation, religion, natural environment, folk customs, personal ideal, view of love, or concept of Chinese traditional view of family bond. From 58 artists at home and abroad, who submitted 156 works in total, the “Chinese Mythology” organizing committee has selected 35 artists, with 74 works to enter the exhibition.

For this exhibition I’ve made 3 pieces, from which the brooch NEZHA – The third Lotus Prince was selected and exhibited.

Nezha – Third Lotus Prince, a protection deity in chinese folk religion and together with Krishna, he’s a powerful child that defeats mighty serpents. To protect his family and friends, he committed suicide, but Nezha was later brought back to life by his teacher, Taiyi Zhenren, who used lotus roots to construct a human body for his soul. The body of the brooch is a red piece of driftwood that has a blue titanium lotus flower. This flower on the root-driftwood symbolizes the Third Lotus Prince brought back to life in a piece of jewellery.

– brooch – driftwood, anodized titanium, silver 925, rose quartz, bronze, micro-granules, acrylic lacquer – 2020 – 9 x 5 x 3 cm

Nezha - Third Lotus Prince Brooch

Nezha – Third Lotus Prince Brooch

Fenghuang – Mythical bird – necklace – driftwood, anodized titanium, silver 925, brass, rock crystal, amber, tree cone, micro-granules, acrylic lacquer – 2020 -12,5 x 7,5 x 4 cm and 80 cm length

Fenghuang, the mythical bird is made up of the beak of a rooster, the face of a swallow, the forehead of a fowl, the neck of a snake, the breast of a goose, the back of a tortoise, the hindquarters of a stag and the tail of a fish. It symbolizes the celestial bodies. The head is the sky, the eyes are the sun, the back is the moon, the wings are the wind, the feet are the earth, and the tail is the planets. I was inspired by this Chinese Phoenix, a very famous and meaningful bird symbolizing rebirth. I’ve abstracted the body into a construction and deconstruction of materials like driftwood, silver, titanium or stones, and gave it a new form powered by colours.

Fenghuang - Mythical brid

Fenghuang – Mythical brid

Lingzhi – Mushroom of immortality – brooch – driftwood, alginate, silver 925, brass, patinated natural copper, glass, micro-granules, acrylic lacquer – 2020 – 12 x 5 x 4,5 cm

Lingzhi fungus symbolizes great health and longevity. But it was also a talisman of luck and healing. I was touched when I found this fabulous magic mushroom. It was first mentioned in Cao Zhi’s poem Lingzhi pian from the Wei Period (220-265). It is a red plant, and if consumed rendered eternal youth or it was even able to revive deceased persons. The emperors of China therefore used a “Scepter” in the imaginary shape of a Lingzhi mushroom which was called Ruyi – “fulfilment of wishes”. I’ve used a natural piece of green patinated copper and green glass cabochons to enhance the power of nature with the power of colors.

Lingzhi - Mushroom of immortality

Lingzhi – Mushroom of immortality