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Event Location
Truman Brewery, Brick Lane E1 6 London, UKGet Direction
Event Date
4. September 2019 – 8. September 2019From 4.9.2019 - 17.00

CLUSTER CRAFTS – Jewellery Edition

CLUSTER CRAFTS – Jewellery Edition

„For this special edition, Cluster Crafts is creating and launching an intimate fair for contemporary jewellery. We are exploring and picking the best designers form around the world who are ready to make a statement.“


It’s Cluster Londons Fair’s first edition focusing on contemporary jewellery. Personally selected, most innovative, bold and fearless designers from around the world, bringing them into the intimate environment of a newly refurbished Truman Brewery Dray Walk gallery space. Curated by Ema E. Marinova & Lucy Swift, breaking the boundaries of the conventional, exploring the depths of wearable design and creativity.

So if you are in London at the beginning of september, come and visit this exhibition to see my latest jewellery at Cluster Crafts Jewellery Edition 2019.

„Nothing, what is made by human, is or can ever be perfect. We’re just trying to achieve the perfect stage created by nature. By making art, we act like magicians, changing viewers consciousness.

In my jewelry, feelings, emotions and stories are very important.

The perfection of nature’s forms and the beauty of the material

challenge me to create jewellery pieces of resemblant quality.

Usually, my workbench looks like a natural history collection.

Driftwood of a wayward-knotted shape, pieces of coral, lichen,

dried scale of a carp between petrified sea shell, amber or a sea urchin skeleton gather there.“ 

Cluster crafts Bracelets

Cyclamina and Viridis bracelet

cerberilla brooch

Cerberilla brooch

Lila and yellow wood brooch

Brooch Andromeda from the collection Orbis Regius 

Hyacinthina Fish bone lila necklace

Necklace Hyacinthina from the collection Crystal Odyssey 

triadem collier pearls wood

Triadem collier with pearls and wood