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Event Location
Via Padre Francesco Santabona, 5, 25010 San Felice del Benaco BS, ItalyGet Direction
Event Date
25 August 2018 - 07 October 201818:00

Cominelli Foundation Award 2018

Cominelli Foundation Award 2018

Cominelli Foundation Award 2018 is organized by Fondazione Rafaelle Cominelli and AGC (associazione gioiello contemporaneo)

Contemporary jewelry represents a territory of professional search and experiment in the field of art language in association with body ornament.

This award has a specific theme and is strictly related with a unique territory, thus it is going to be the only edition of this kind. This time jewelry pieces for the theme „A jewel of a lake“ has been choosen by Helen W. Drutt. She began collecting contemporary jewellery in the 1950s, and helped found the Philadelphia Council of Professional Craftsmen in 1967. In 1973, she became the first to teach the history of modern craft on the college level, and founded the Philadelphia’s Helen Drutt Gallery, one of the first committed to crafts. Her jewelry collection belongs to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

I will participate in this award exhibition with my Pendant/brooch Aquaduct.

The dark blue waters have cought the memories of Garda lake. All the battles and fights, love stories and romantic adventures. They reflect in water surface and build imaginary pictures of man and woman. Like an imprint in the sand and mud. Therefore I choose alginate for its biological properties (its made of algae) and its imprint qualities. The blue color as a sign of the blue skies over the lake. In the depth of the lake, for the feeling of freedom that I had when I was near.