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Event Location
Espace Solidor, Place du Château, 06800 Cagnes-sur-Mer, FrankreichGet Direction
Event Date
18. May. 2019 - 06. Ocotber 201912:00

Legacy Award – The definitve edition

Legacy Award – The definitve edition

Legacy Award – The definitve edition : 3rd edition of Legacy Award, private collection of selected contemporary jewellery, started by Alliages. It’s goals are to promote contemporary jewellery and educate to this art. This year the selection of all three editions goes to a museum selected by Juan Riusech, founder of Alliages.

From its creation up to now, ALLIAGES has promoted this collection and the artists which are part of it, using virtual or physical networks. To promote & recompense the jewellers, ALLIAGES created its Award for Contemporary Jewellery.

The selected museum is Museum Espace Solidor at Cagnes-sur-Mer in France is close to Nice. It is the only public space dedicated solely to contemporary jewellery in France.

My contribution to this donation are 3 pieces, brooch Ceratosoma from the Microvita collection, brooch Fissile from the Frangibilis collection and collier Fryeria Rueppeli from the Unknown Waters collection.

Butterfly form brooch with wood and bones

Brooch Ceratosoma from the collection Microvita 2017

Bronze necklace blue and yellow

Collier Fryeria Rueppeli from the collection Unknown Waters 2013

brooch fissile porcelain

Brooch Fissile from the collection Frangibilis 2015