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Event Location
Galerie Art Course, 49a rue de la Course, 67000 Strasbourg FRANCEGet Direction
Event Date
5th June - 29th June 2019

LIÉ.E.S… Curated exhibition in Strasbourg

LIÉ.E.S… Curated exhibition in Strasbourg

LIÉ.E.S…, exhibition curated by Sébastien Carré in Galerie Art Course in Strasbourg. „Lié.e.s“ is a French translation of the adjective “linked”. 

My 5 works for this exhibition are based on the theme Symbiotic connections and are a part of the collection Ligno Regia.

Symbiotic relationship symbolizes the interpenetration and infusion of materials and forms. The bond is created by the adaptation and addiction of species. The symbiosis creates new patterns and symbols that grow from the inside to the surface.

The jewellery pieces are made of wood, stones, metal and other materials. In the brooch Landscape and the brooch Growth, wood and stone complement and expand. Landscape jasper and agate geode, set in brass, make the recycled wood complete. Only through them becomes the piece of wood alive.

Archetype Collier connects the raw, simple shape of the recycled wood combined with brass pieces into a circle. The purity of the form is elevated with transparent  Crystal. The basic structure stands for archetype and refers to the simplest, original form of a necklace. So close to the body, the necklace creates a close dialogue with the human form. But it resists, clings unwilling to the movements, and thus develops a visual and tactile relationship with the wearer.

The importance of the necklace as protection lies in its position on the body between the chest and the head. The use of natural materials shows the devotion and connectivity of man to earth. His construct is a fragment of the world, regardless of the limits of the possible.

Necklaces Avicennia marina and Caelus habitans are made of mangrove wood. This wood is rich in biodiversity and act as habitats for wildlife. Inside of these two necklaces is a habitable environment for Naturally grown azurite ball and crayfish skeleton. It comes to a symbiotic growth in this salt plant.

Mangrove environment is highly dynamic and harsh and mangrove species are variously adapted to cope with these environmental conditions. It is considered as a best form of coastal bioshield since it plays a critical role in reducing the impact of cyclonic storms, hurricanes and tsunami on human lives and properties.

LIÉ.E.S… CURATED EXHIBITION Symbiotic connections

LIÉ.E.S… CURATED EXHIBITION Symbiotic connections