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Ring Phialina Wood Jewellery

Fragile Unknown – Studies /Part II

academy of fine arts and design Bratislava, Nature / Off / July 28, 2018

Black brooch with crystal

In 2000, thinking about my future studies, the only possibility for me was art, practical and theoretical way. 2001 I begun to study at the Academy of fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Under the guidance of Prof. Karol Weisslechner, at the department Jewellery and Metal, I studied for 6 years till I got my Master of Arts. Established in 1949, it is the oldest academy of arts in Slovakia. During the 65 years of its existence it has undergone several changes in the organisational structure, teaching methods, staffing, number of students and other parameters.It is not a closed and static structure but a complex adaptive – non-linear and non-deterministic system.One of its key features is the principle of required diversity.

During studies, we got different themes to research and to work on.

For me, the most important themes were always personal and natural themes. The SECRET in 2004, Morphing in 2005 and PARADISO/INFERNO in 2006/7.

In the first theme, Secret, I worked with my very intimate, personal feelings about my pregnancy.

“In my jewelry, feelings, emotions and stories are very important. These 3 brooches are showing 3 stages of how the child growths inside of maternal body. They are my message to my son Sebastian.

The first 3 months I didn’t know that “secret”. I had mixed feelings when I found it out. At the same time I was very happy and full of expectation. This was so emotional that I had to process it in my work.

There are three brooches, each with a sonogram and two hemispheres to guard and to keep it safe and protect the fetus. I used a fragile construction to keep the brooches lightweight.”

The sonogram pictures are printed on transparent foil and the hemispheres are transparent plastic material.


In another theme, Morphing, I was working with my collected treasures. There was enough material to use. Some stones didn`t have to be cut, and some I decided to treat. I wanted to change some forms and adapt them as I needed it. For me it is important to make the most with my own hands. So i bought a faceting machine to cut my precious stones. Without any experience I begun to cut and play with the forms, the surface and the polish. It was fascinating to feel the different hardness of the stones, the changing colour when they have been polished. That was the language of  the stones, they were communicating with me. I learned to work patiently. I used these first cut stones – mostly agates – in the collection morphing. After my experience with the hardness, I have put them together with soft wool fixing them again with silver components. Opposite materials were the new fascination for me. Smooth-skinned goes with sharp-edged, soft with hard and the intimate colour combinations make the piece live.

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