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Pink wooden brooch

Fragile Unknown – Transformation /Part IV

experiments, Nature / Off / July 26, 2018

Wood and silver brooch

The continuation of my thesis is based on material experiment and transformation. Therefore, the next collection was the NEW INFERNO. Consequently, to use a worn Peel-off face mask in jewelry was again a challenge. Rather than brooches, necklaces are created that are very personal and intimate. For this reason, I have used some old glass or plastic jewelry beads, and a golden old brooch. Personal and unique are also precious stones, which stand here for my innner side. Thus, in every piece of jewelry is a part of me.
This results in signals, that the wearer of jewelry transmit to the observer. Jewelry signals are a part of our lives. They embody communication and artistic intent.

The signals

Jewellery is for me an object, which communicates on non-verbal level. Jewellery emits signals. The signals which originate from thought, ideas and concepts. These pulsate in space and communicate. My main idea is to show jewellery as a an object which becomes its power by wearing on human body.

The nature has perfected its forms about milliards of years; to imitate its creations is for me natural. I´m interested in deals with interaction between living and non-living elements and systems. The transformation is about the symbiosis of these two systems.
The transformation of animals in art ; pre-historical animals, totem animals or insects. These nature creations transform our human being. Our inner life and soul.


In this collection I have worked with natural stones and biological forms. I have transformed the form of living animals in jewellery pieces, especially by using fluorite, topaz, aragonite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, garnet, amber, pearl, silver and copper.

In 2008-11, I have found Deconstruction and partition systems for myself. Silver and gold. Glass and gems. Construction and emotion. Deconstruction and structure. In and between. Forms twist their way out from the inside. They lift off the skin of the jewelry piece, exposing the structure, they create a second skin around the new volume. The structure breaks down, the surface fills up with forms under tension by twisting them to each other and to the piece. Between inside and out, original and addition, structure and facade. Pure form is interrogated in a way that reveals its twisted and splintered structure. This apparent chaos actually constructs the body of the jewelry pieces. The internal disorder produces the bar even while splitting it. It is actually constructed out of fragments of that world. The surface is a side effect of the dialogue between internal twisted geometry and external geometry.

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