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Gemstone faceting for passion

discovering jewellery, experiments, faceting gemstones, gemstones / Off / October 29, 2018

The fascination of gemstone cutting

Gemstone faceting is a constant discovery and challenge for me. To find out the fine properties of every single mineral by doing intrigues me. Each one must be treated individually. The smooth polished facets reflect and break the incoming light. This light, often split in many colours, ignites the “inner fire” of the stone. Being able to unveil this fire is the reward for my love of minerals. In the blaze flares up the memory of my dream.

Faceting challenge

As a jewellery artist, I use cut and polished stones and gems, but also the raw ones. They are inspiration, enthusiasm and passion for me. Even as a child, I brought bags full of stones home, collected every stone in which I saw beauty. During my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, I started to cut stones. Four years later, in 2011, the technique of faceting stones interested me. A crash course with a Viennese gemstone cutter Thomas Rausch has given me the necessary knowledge. Since then, I have been faceting for 3 years almost every day. It was in the contemporary jewellery studio STOSSimHIMMEL, in Vienna. I cut nearly every kind of stones on order and for my own needs. As a starting point, I use raw material but also already cut, older and broken stones. The more complicated the work is, the greater the challenge. A challenge for me is always the theme which I process in my collections and single pieces.

But probably the major challenge was to cut 780 different small precious stones which were set in a collection of historical jewelry of the famous family Esterhazy in Austria. That was a great challenge for me, because I didn’t know if it would work well. But it did and I was happy to make it. The stones had different sizes, from 2 milimeters to 2 centimeters. They were rock crystals, zirconia, synthetic rubies, synthetic emeralds and sapphires. Each gem had to be adapted for the setting in old historical cut. It took me almost a year to finish them.

faceting precious stones

faceting precious stones

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