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Alginate brooch with citrine

Fragile Unknown – Introduction /Part I

beginnings, childhood, discovering jewellery, Work / Off / July 29, 2018

Big brooch with citrine an alpaca

To understand my work I will introduce you to my beginning, how I get to make jewellery and why I work in this discipline.

I was born in Bratislava, which is the capitol of Slovakia, placed in the heart of Europe. For me, it is a hidden treasure, a colorful country with a rich history and diverse nature.

The love for art was always in my heart. My parents supported and shared with me this excitement. Both of them, architect and art historian, introduced me, how I can express my ideas and put out my thoughts.

Already as a child I was fascinated by nature, it`s forms, colour and complexity. It’s  perfect natural creations and geological wonders always deeply interrested me.

When I was 3 years old I began to collect stones, that I have found outside in the nature and that have inspired me in some way. I collect them until now, but I also use these special pieces in my current works. On the other side, when I was about twelwe, I was very interessted in costume jewellery, broken or lost and found jewellery. When I have discovered a secret drawer with a lot of bijouterie of my mother, I was delighted. I have tried everything on and investigate each piece. I tried to repair some broken pieces in my own way, changed it and made them wearable again. So I made my first pieces with old broken jewels, adding another material and colour, threads, paper, wire or varnish, and gave them a new life. Few of these pieces I still have in my collection.

“My interrest for material was growing, and I also begun to discover how to use it in my jewellery.”

I made pieces nearly out of everything, what I have found. It was always a challenge for me to make a piece out of material, that wasn’t typical for jewellery. The material was changing in my hands, I tried different ones like plastic and different metals, but the respect for nature and it`s forms was always the same.

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