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Necklace mangrove wood jewellery

Ligno Regia – Magnificent Wood In Viktoria Münzker’s Contemporary Jewellery

childhood, Nature, wood jewellery / Off / September 19, 2018

Ligno Regia

I came to wood jewellery when I was a child. I’ve collected interresting pieces of wood during the trips to the woods with my family. Tree bark, branches or driftwood with beautiful structure and form. I recognized that I can easily work with this grateful material.

I love to work with different types of wood like driftwood and mangrove wood.
Pure jewellery that runs through the bones. You can feel and smell it. It is the basic substance that gives me the opportunity to express my artistic ideas to the outside.

Jewellery is art to wear.
For me, it is an object, which communicates on non­verbal level. Jewellery emits signals. The signals which originate from thoughts, ideas and concepts. These pulsate in the space and communicate. My main idea is to show jewellery as a an object which becomes its power by wearing on human body.

Necklace mangrove wood jewellery archetype

Archetype necklace mangrove wood jewellery


Wood is the accurate material to use in my work. It has already strong visual characteristics. It’s texture is natural and temptes to touch. In a piece of wood you can feel the whole forest where all the trees are connected. When the moon begins to shine and the wind is blowing through the branches, small bird sings his evening song. About freedom, love and the sun. He sings to the night and the stars. The forest is his friend. He protects him against the wild animals. The forest is alive.

Walking in the woods makes me feel happy. It’s a feeling of home and creativity. Inspiration that comes from here is raw, animalic and vivid. It is looking for places hidden behind the beaten path. Places only animals, the sun and the wind know. The trees here are skyhigh and mythical. Each of them has a story. Seeing the transformation of the land from the highest point, wild animals fighting for their life and leaving defeated bones near their roots.

Mangrowe wood big necklace

Necklace from the collection Ligno Regia 2016


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