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Papilio agate brooch

Mutation and Evolution

award, faceting gemstones, gemstones, Nature, wood jewellery / Off / January 14, 2020

Mutation and Evolution is a new body of works I’ve begun in 2019 for the award and travelling exhibition –1st Growth & Evolution International Jewellery Exhibition 2020.

The first three brooches are made of plum and mangrove wood, hand carved and faceted precious and non precious stones (turmaline quartz, citrine, agate, amethyst, labradorite) and silver.

Everything grows or everything dies. There is no standstill. Regardless of weather you consider a person, society, mankind or the universe. Natural urge to grow and to change is universal and the desirable Ideal of union between human and the natural world marked by our environmental impact.

A tree, just like a human is a symbol of growth and change. Meaning of change is in our being that we want to develop freely until the last breath. To survive we need the feeling of connection and security. As soon as we feel insecure, we begin to hold on to familiar. That narrows our natural urge for growth, change and liveliness.

In my work the world is a changing form that evolves in mutations, which produce changes in the observable characteristics. Strange exotic stone flowers grow from a piece of plum and mangrove wood. Divergent material properties meet another in unusual combinations; soft and amorphous runs into hard and edged, translucent stones into matt light absorbing bodies.

Multi coloured objects generate multi-emotional conditions based on the individual colour. A colour combination is a unique construction in the body of my jewellery. Mutation and Evolution is the natural process in every smallest part of creations.

Silvanus wood brooch

Silvanus wood brooch


Trillium citrine brooch

Trillium citrine brooch

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