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necklace corialla porcelain 1

Porcelain jewellery collection

discovering jewellery, porcelain collection, Porcelain jewellery, porcelain lace, transformation / Off / November 16, 2018

collier corialias porcelain

collier corialias porcelain

I have transformed lace into porcelain jewellery – dripping it into liquid porcelain and fired in the kiln. Construction and emotion. Deconstruction and structure. In and between. Forms twist their way out from the inside. They lift off the skin of the jewelry piece, exposing the structure, they create a second skin around the new volume. The structure breaks down, the surface fills up with forms that are then put under tension by being twisted to each other and to the piece. Between inside the porcelain and out, original jewellery and addition, structure and facade. Pure form is interrogated in a way that reveals its twisted and splintered structure. This apparent chaos actually constructs the body of the jewelry pieces. The internal disorder produces the bar even while splitting it. It is actually constructed out of fragments of that world.

necklace corialla porcelain 1

Necklace Corialla 

collier fading porcelain

Collier Fading 





Frail souls and thoughts lend us to something white and strong. Burned in the heat of flame, transformed into someone else. Dripping, casting and floating porcelain. Crushable womb, burning ember, fading into little lune. Fissile and lacerable. Porcelain jewellery has been burned to be worn.

brooch womb porcelain

Brooch Womb 

necklace irene porcelain

Necklace Irene 

necklace papilio porcelain

Necklace Papilio 

Royal Psychopaths collection

There are enough megalomaniacs in the world. Enough criminals and despots, royal psychopaths who could open all locked doors with the right key. If only they could get him in the hand. The key that opens the treasury, opens the gates of the prisons or triggers the explosion. Those who know the right digital code can overthrow the entire Internet, or hack into all banks and institutions. Clear sign on the button that disables everything that can be found on any computer or machine stands for power. Power has the one, who owns them and can destroy the world in one go. These new royal insignia, dressed in royal blue color, are new objects of power and symbols of world domination.

Who has all threads in the hand, has absolute power.

“Power corrupts; Absolute power is corrupts absolutely. “(Lord Acton)

collier the man with the key is king porcelain

Collier The man with the key is king 

brooch quick response code porcelain

Brooch Shut Down 

brooch qr code porcelain

Brooch QR code 

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