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Abundance bracelet


“Abundance bracelet” was created for the collection Cycles of Nature in 2019.

The bracelet is hand carved from one piece of spruce-wood, pearls, mother of pearl, glass, steel, tinted with green and yellow ink, and covered with 11 layers of transparent lacquer.

The size of the bracelet is 6,5 centimeters inside diameter and 14 x 14 x 3 centimeters outside.

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Abundance bracelet is a piece from the Cycles of Nature collection. The bracelet is hand carved from one piece of spruce-wood, inked, coated with 11 layers of lacquer, and mounted with pearls, mother of pearl and glass. It’s about nature, life, animal species, our environment, colours, organic forms, organic materials, creativity, unusual combinations and vividity.

The time needed to create this bracelet is about one week. Each layer of varnish is put on by a brush, so the surface is hard and solid.

Cycles of Nature collection is about life in art. Metamorphose in nature is very strong. Nature is a mode of communication.

Nothing, what is made by human, is or can ever be perfect. We’re just trying to achieve the perfect stage created by nature. By making art, we act like magicians changing viewers consciousness.

We don’t see the world in black and white. There is a reason for every colour. There are no lines in nature, only fields of colours.

A piece of jewellery is like your avatar. It may be your personification of your character and your thoughts, it represents you when you wear it. It is lasting connection. A creative intention, a frame of the world view. Unfolding senses in the heart of things is to learn about the things. Why did nature give such a seductive mask its own Creation, but in our eyes it’s not like in its inner side? Why do butterflies and other insects perform in the body of unsightly larvae the magic of metamorphosis?

Abundance bracelet is a one of a kind statement piece. These bracelets are inspired by nature itself, but also an inspiration dedicated to Peter Chang, a British jewellery artist.