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“Acanthus” necklace from the Orbis Regius collection, 2015

Made of driftwood, spray painted, granules, brass.

Wood is stabilized and impregnated.

The lenght is 60 centimeters, the pendant is 3 x 4 x 11 centimeters

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The inspiration of Acanthus as years before, comming again in our created world. The beautiful leaves of the plant Acanthus Mollis made in different materials.

To search loans from the nature is not new. Today we call it bionics, or biomimetik. As a scientific discipline it deals systematically with the technical execution. The conversion of diverse methods, processes and principles of biological systems. Also it deals with interaction between living and non-living elements. The transformation is about the symbiosis of these two systems. The transformation of nature in art.

These nature creations transform our human being, our inner life and soul. I was inspired by natural stones and biological forms. I have transformed the form of plants and animals in jewellery pieces. The open form of the pendant hides micro granules in gold colour almost like a flower its seeds. In contrast to the soft light wood is the shiny golden colour of the body.