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Agate Rouge Necklace


“Agate Rouge Necklace” from the collection Crystal Odyssey, made in 2018.

Made of operculum (fish bones), bronze, granules, rose gold plated metal chain, red agate slice.

About 46 centimeters long, pendant 10,5 x 10,5 x 2 centimeters. Agate size 3,2 x 2,3 x 0,7 cm.

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The fragile Agate Rouge Necklace from the Crystal Odyssey collection is for me an object, which communicates on non-verbal level. The title comes from the used material. The shape of the necklace reminds of a butterfly or symmetrical wings. Jewellery emits signals. The signals which originate from thought, ideas and concepts. These pulsate in the space and communicate. Above all, my main idea is to show jewellery as an object which becomes its power by wearing on human body.

Textured surface of the fragile fish bones reminds melted sand grains. The colour is sky-blue. Gold-colored micro granules look like sediments in the water where the Agate Rouge Necklace has its colour.
I find my inspiration almost in the nature. It has perfected her forms about milliards of years; to imitate their creations is for me natural.
The interaction between living and non-living elements and systems interest me since I was making jewellery. Using natural materials like fish bones is in my work important. In addition with colours, the size and the texture has become significantly more specific.

Our world functions within the limitations of our senses and perceptions

Whatever we do not know, we either say that it is non-existent or abstract. Agate Rouge Necklace is a piece of jewellery made of nature materials and inspired by nature.