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Brooch Fishsalad blue


“Brooch Fishsalad blue” from the collection Worms: Into the Unknown 2012

A unique bigger brooch that is weighing 68 gramm.

It consist of 5 blue alginate fishes melted together and coated wit resin. On the back is alpaca sheet with brooch needle.

It measures 11 x 8,5 x 3 centimeters

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In the brooch Fishsalad blue I search through the deepest imagination about unknown life forms referring to the deepest dark ocean, where it lives unobserved by humans. Where the light goes out and ceases to exist, romp creatures of unknown nature. Out there are hundreds of species strange like “aliens”. This is my vision about these entities. How I see these species, how they look like in my imagination. In the context there is the material and the story, my searching in the past, for unknown and forgotten forms.

I choose materials which I can “feel”. That means nature materials with some kind of spirit, materials with a touch, colour and light. I build kind of bridges between the materials, fit them into each other, and make something special. The main material in this collection is alginate, which is derived from algae. As a purely biological material it is safe and environmentally friendly. Dried out it is very light. This lightness has intrigued me. This was the moment I made ​​ jewelry of it. Next important moment is the devastation of ecological balance and overfishing. After overfishing shallow waters we threaten the deep seas which are full of species yet unknown to us. This can change not only these territories of Earth, but the whole evolution on it. Before we could learn about the secrets of deep see species, they could disappear forever.