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Brooch Muse


„Brooch Muse“ is created for the collection Orbis Regius in 2014.

It is made of wood, porcelain, glas, bronze, brass and micro-granules.

The size is 9 x 9 x 3 centimeter.

The brooch weights 39,3 gram.

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Brooch Muse embodies the inspirational goddes of arts. As in ancient greek, they were the masters of knowledge in poetry, lyric songs and myths. Inspiring creations with graces through remembering and improvisation.

My passion is jewellery art, my love is stones. As a child I had bags full of them, collected them and carried home whatever treasure nature presented to me. Till today the findings are my inspiration: in driftwood, for example, its lightness and its gnarled-unconventional form are integrated in my creations. Also seashells or an urchin skeleton, corals and amber are my favourites. It’s all about the sea…

Beauty means to bring the hidden to the light:  the beauty of the materials and the form. I use Random curing breakages as a beautiful design element. Beauty is to bring the different properties of material in unusual constructions, unorthodox colour combinations to achieve visual irritations. On the other side I integrate art history in my work, aesthetical principles which I redefine. In the collection Orbis Regius

I’ve connected different sources of inspiration, different muses to create a collection which is characterized by independent, infinite space of fantasy. Brooch Muse connects the artist’s inspiration with wearer’s imagination.