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Bubble Shell


„Bubble Shell“ pendant on a silver chain.

Silver chain is 80 centimeters long.

Materials are shell, silver 925, glass granules and glass stones.

Pendant is 4,5 x 3 x 2,5 centimeters.

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Bubble Shell pendant is made of a shell called Bulla Ampulla, found in tropical and temperate waters. They are nocturnal and during the day they burrow in soft sediment or hide under coral slabs. The form and the colour fascinated me to make this pendant. I have polished the surface of the shell to make it shiny when it’s worn. The pendant is fixed on a 80 centimeters long silver ball chain.

Seashells were in their long history attributed to various sea gods and goddesses. Their strong powers and magical uses were famous in different cultures. Born of the ocean, they are first associated with the element of water. But also the moon, because of his gravitational pull and closest distance.