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Crassicornis brooch


“Crassicornis” brooch from the collection Worms: Into the unknown 2012.

This brooch is made of driftwood, alginate, alpaca, glas cabochon, bronze paint, acryl, micro granules.

Driftwood is painted white with acryl paint, the alginate part is painted with bronze paint and patinated.

The steel needle is mounted on alpaca brooch back. The size of this piece is 8 x 10 x 4,5 centimeters.


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Crassicornis brooch was made for the collection Worms: Into the unknown. The Flatworms have brought up an idea that might work well. I have never seen something like that, this fine, flaky body look like stripped layers of paint, so colorful that one could hardly believe it ……. They have taken it to my heart.

Alginate It is a material which is derived from algae. Mixed with water, it serves as a jelly-like mass for body forming. As a purely biological material it is safe and environmentally friendly. Process after the water evaporates and the shape shrinks and dries out. It is very light. This lightness has intrigued me. This was the moment where I have processed it and made jewelry of it. I’ve often changed, further carved, colored, or coated the imprint.

Crassicornis ia a species of a sea slug, nudibranch, which is brightly coloured and depends on the locality where it lives.