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Current State brooch


“Current State Brooch” is from the collection Heart Failure 2018.

This brooch is made of alginate, brass, micro-granules 1 gram silver 925 (lacquered black) and blue lacquer.

The steel needle is mounted in brass brooch back. The size of this piece is 7 x 7 x 3 centimeters.

It weights 28 gram.

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Current State Brooch was made for the exhibiton called Heart Failure at Alliages Gallery in Lille/ France. It was then exhibited in several places, like Munich Jewellery Week 2019, Madrid Lalabeyou Gallery and Athens Jewellery Week 2019. You can also read about in my event post here.

If we are reaching for something new, something old must die. Every story has an end, but in life every ending is just a new beginning. When something is coming to an end, it’s sad. It cracks you and it cracks your feelings. It causes pain. If we try to run away from the pain, it creates greater pain. Failure hurts, but a new beginning is a new hope for something better. The first step to come towards a new beginning is to decide not to stay in the current state. I create jewellery with my heart to talk to the outer world. I always try listen to the heart. The pieces, made of alginate, that come out through my hands are signed with my feelings. You can see the signature in cracks and imprints of the material. My colours symbolize the different stages of heart feelings from the beginning, blue through purple which is mixed of blue and red and finally the red heart which is clear and new.

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