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“Cyerce” brooch from the Microvita collection 2017.

Made of driftwood, wood, operculum – fish bones, granules and silver 925.

The surface of the wood is stabilized and lacquered.

About 10 x 6 x 2 centimeters

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Cyerce brooch from the collection Microvitum 2017. An metamorphosis of a butterfly that is changing its colours, the light and size. Constructing materials like fish bones, wood and silver together. The colours include dark red, rose and golden. White textures on hard but fragile material. With the simplicity of materials they are looking for harmony and individual expression. With this intention, opaque bodies and pieces of this preciousness tempt our senses. When working with emotions on a precious material and bringing them into it, is like emotions coming out by hearing music.

It’s like a figment of my imagination.
Reality as lifestyle is too confining.
Since, reality is a collective feeling.
Doors to the other worlds
to other perceptions
to fantasy.
After all, an infinite metamorphosis of a butterfly
And life.