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Dune Brooch


“Dune” brooch was made in 2018. It is an independet brooch made of driftwood, glas stones, micro granules, silver 925 and lacquer.

It measures 21 x 5 x 6,5 centimeters, but it only weights 21,5 gram.

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Dune brooch stands for originality, independence, sovereign and freedom. It is fire-like coloured, radiant charisma on one hand, and strength and liveliness on the other.

I love to dive. Into the depth of the oceans, into the colours of nature, into the subconscious. Wild scenes in the night of the universe – beauty of a discovery. Riding fast on the blue road, ardent movement of a shape . Red shadows follow us, crystalize and grow on a body. An orchestra of galaxies sending signals of colourful tones swinging over the seas, breach the water surface without splash. A taste explosion, fabulous naked miracle of surprise, the true colour of orgiastic blossom. Planet of drops, the horizon is a geyser.

I’m interested in unexpectable wild scenes of universe. Dune brooch is discovering the unknown world of my fantasy, curiously awaiting a reaction of the outer space, looking forward to change the world around me. Every little stone that I set, every little splash of colour that I make, influences the mood, the feelings and the thoughts of person looking at it. Then, this being affects its own environment. We all are connected, at least for a second. We are sending signals of colourful tones swinging over the seas, blue roads and red shadows, to the orchestra of galaxies. An unexpected eruption, a taste explosion, a fabulous naked miracle of surprise is the true colour of orgiastic blossom.