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Felicitas brooch


“Felicitas Brooch” is from the Orbis Regius collection.

Made in 2017, this brooch is made of driftwood (lacquered yellow with 5 layers of transparent lacquer), brass, alum crystals, glass, micro granules, steel needle.

The size of the piece is 12 x 6 x 2 cm,

The weight is 17,3 gram

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My first collection, where I’ve worked with nudibranches was Worms:Into the Unknown in 2012. Felicitas Brooch is inspired by a beautiful yellow nudibranch called Notodoris Citrina. These soft-bodied animals are common on the reef, where they forage for sponges, tunicates, and other small invertebrates.

I love to dive. Into the depth of the oceans, into the colours of nature, into subconscious. Felicitas Brooch connects the imagination, subconscious and the unknown world.

Inspired by my desire for nature, hidden connections come out in the sun. Wild scenes in the night of the universe – beauty of a discovery. Riding fast on the blue road, ardent movement of a shape . Red shadows follow us, crystallize and grow on a body. An orchestra of galaxies sending signals  of colorful tones swinging over the seas, breach the water surface without splash. A taste explosion, fabulous naked miracle of surprise, the true colour of orgiastic blossom. Planet of drops, the horizon is a geyser.

Felicitas Brooch is a light weight yellow brooch with contrasting blue micro-granules.

My jewellery shows how I see the real, or even the unreal. The truth is, not to create real found shells, or coral skeletons. Only three-dimensional picture of them. And what is and what could be seems more real, than known visible things. The game played by real and not real takes place in my jewellery message and the wearer’s body.