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Ghost In A Shell


„Ghost in a Shell“  brooch is from the collection Microvita.

Made of driftwood, hollow cartridge cases, glass crystal, granules and silver (to hold the needle).

The driftwood is stabilized and the surface is treated with lacquer.

It is about 13 x 7 x 2,5 centimeters.

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Ghost in a Shell brooch is about awareness and instinct, awaking the senses through colour and form splitting. Like crystals hollow cartridge cases are growing from the body of the light blue piece. Stop the time in a light reflexing glass drop, like pure frozen water that will fall from the tree branch.

Consciousness is an important building block of nature. It unlocks everything we want to find.

I create forms which report about themselves, are autonomous against the conventions of imitation. And they appear strange for the first blink, till we realize a reflection of our own psyche in it. The creations origin in deeper layers of human consciousness. Feelings, wishes, fears and instincts drift on the bottom of the soul. The power of my feelings makes my work deeper and richer.

The Ghost In A Shell brooch can be also found in the collection Microvita 2017.