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Green light brooch


„Green light brooch“  is from the Unknown Waters collection.

Made of driftwood, micro-granules, brass and steel.

The size is 11 x 2 x 2 centimeters and the weight is only 5 gram.

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Green light brooch belongs to the Unknown Waters collection, I’ve begun to create in 2013. It is about imagination, undiscovered worlds, fantasy, colours and nature.

How far is it from the depths of the unknown oceans until you reach the depth of imagination, an unknown place where everything is possible? And in countless combinations? We move slowly, swim at the bottom of our thoughts and discover again and again what we have not even dreamed of. . . You ask yourself where this fantastic variety of impossible forms and mystical colors comes from? What inspires the nature in her creations?

I use dried, lightweight driftwood to create my jewellery pieces, mostly brooches, but also rings and necklaces. Dyed and lacquered with few layers of varnish, it becomes stable and wearable. Each piece has a colour combination, that I use only once. So is the shape of the wood unique.

Green light brooch reminds of a green sea plant with miniature blue sparkling blossoms made of glass micro granules.

The deeper the unknown, the more intoxicating the world is. The inspiration’s floating in weightless state, it never stands still. By movements of the water pulled back and forth – a solid bottom does not exist.
An unsatisfied thirst for knowledge, which drives to work, creates unique pieces that tell a story. The devotion to nature and jewelry rewarded with an open field of imagination, inspiration that’s wearable, and moreover an absolute revelation of one’s own feeling.