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Hermits Lair brooch


„Hermits Lair“ brooch belongs to the collection Worms: Into the unknown 2012.

This brooch is made of driftwood, black garnets, crab shell, acrylic and synthetic paint, micro granules, silver 925 and steel needle.

The size of this piece is 13 x 3,5 x 3,5 centimeters.

The weight is 30 gram.

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Hermits Lair brooch was made for the collection Worms: Into the unknown. Inspired by Hermit crab, that has adapted to occupy empty scavenged mollusc shells to protect their fragile exoskeletons.

The Flatworms have brought up an idea that might work well. I have never seen something like that, this fine, flaky body look like stripped layers of paint, so colorful that one could hardly believe it ……. They have taken it to my heart.

These pieces include cement, pigments or sand. What are these objects? They are mild forms, imprints of shells, skeletons of marine organisms, parts of melted sand grains together, or the unknown nature which we cannot see. This jewellery shows how I see the real, or even the unreal. There are not real found shells, or coral skeletons, there are only three-dimensional pictures of it. And what could be seems more real than what is. The game played by real and not real takes place in jewelry and wearer’s body.”

Hermits Lair brooch is an alternative species of a sea molluscs, these species carry mobile shelters (most often calcified snail shells), which protective mobility contributes to the diversity and multitude of crustaceans found in almost all marine environments.