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Microvita: Art Jewellery Book, Collections 2013-2018


Microvita: Art Jewellery Book

Collections 2013-2018

Viktoria Münzker Contemporary Jewellery

Austria, 2018

Technical data: 15,7 x 24,3 x 1,6 cm, hard cover, 151 pages, full colour, english

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Microvita: art jewellery book. What is reality and what does it consist of? Consciousness materializes the idea in the universe from particles smaller than atoms. According to certain rules, they determine their shape and color by themselves. The original idea and the open world of fantasy are the basic stones for all possibilities of reality. Microvita are particles of creativity representing immortal energy. Reality captured in a picture, pictured on a photograph, is reflected in a piece of jewellery. It is transformed and transmitted. Thus it remains and can be reproduced on the wearer. She follows him, crystallizes and grows on his body. Like a galactic orchestra, it radiates fantastic signals across the earth’s surface. Penetrates the water surface without breaking it. At the speed of light, it opens a world of a brief moment for our visual enjoyment. Fills us with love for life and lets us create the infinite story.

Micro- Small; Vita- Living


What are the smallest particles of this world we are living in? How big are they? Why is everything so colourful? If they are all the same, they are changing only the colour in the light of our eyes.



Like a figment of my imagination. Reality as lifestyle is too confining, it is a collective feeling. Doors to the other worlds – Doors to other perception – Doors of fantasy and jewellery. An infinite metamorphosis of a butterfly and life. Unrestless energy changes its form, in one moment body to spirit, in another thought to word. Word turns to act, act turns to character. Materials’ metamorphose change the colour and composition. It takes a new shape and charisma. It represents a thought of an immortal energy. Micro-life creating structure. Organized creativity particles.