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Microvita + Into the Unknown books Combo!


Microvita: Art Jewellery Book

Collections 2013-2018

Viktoria Münzker Contemporary Jewellery

Austria, 2018

Technical data: 15,7 x 24,3 x 1,6 cm, hard cover, 151 pages, full colour, english

Technical data: 15,5 x 24,4 x 2,3 cm, hard cover, 148 pages, full color

Texts and photos by Viktoria Münzker.Introducing text by Susanne Längle.German/English

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Combo pack offer on two books! Microvita + Into the Unknown books combo – get these two full colour catalogues for a special price of 30€. Together you will get almost 300 pages with photos of 219 jewellery pieces and text about my most important collections. Beginning in 2007 to 2018. Paradiso/Inferno collection, The scent of jewellery, Stone Age collection, The artificial Inferno, Cherry Romance, Deconstructive Jewellery, Abundance, Worms: Into the Unknown, Unknown Waters, Desiderium Ad Universum, Frangibilis, Chaos, Orbis Regius, Ligno Regia, Crystal Odyssey and Microvita.

Microvita + Into the Unknown books Combo is avaiable only here!

What are the smallest particles of this world we are living in? How big are they? Why is everything so colourful? If they are all the same, they are changing only the colour in the light of our eyes.

Materials’ metamorphose change the colour and composition. It takes a new shape and charisma. It represents a thought of an immortal energy. Micro-life creating structure. Organized creativity particles.

….. Viktoria Münzker has not drained water from the encountered deep-sea fauna, nor degraded it to an ornamental stencil. Her jewellery objects are materialized imaginations. It’s not how the things really are. How they could be – that is the point of her aesthetical capability…

Susanne Längle

If you would like to purchase the single book, you can find Microvita here

and Into the Unknown here