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Moon Collapse


„Moon Collapse“ ring from the Orbis Regius collection 2015.

Made of wood, silver 925, glass, granules, lacquer.

The wood is stabilized and the surface is lacquered.

The size is 50/5/15,9


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To give birth to something new, something old must die. Moon Collapse is comming our way, the Milky Way is on our side. It’s colorful as rainbow, it’s twisting and colliding in it’s own heart.
By focusing on the essentials we reach the blurred lines between natural and artificial. These relationships are the jewel in the composition of freedom and individual expression.

Sometimes we see only what we want to see. Sometimes it’s enough. We want to know the truth behind the things.Truth is freedom. So we ask, investigate and are curious. We want to find out how things work. We are creating universe with the least constraint. The need to create is an elementary necessity of us all.