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“Nembrothina” brooch from the Microvita collection /2018

Made of driftwood, moss agate, agatized fossil coral, amber, brass and granules.

About 13 x 5 x 2 centimeters.

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Materials affect their own environment. Nembrothina results by collecting materials like wood and stones, building bridges to nature. If you change the biosphere, you get a significantly different outcome. In our expectations, the world should be comprehensible and everything should happen for a reason. But maybe, making good choices, doing the right thing we can thicken the stack of universes in which versions of us live reasonable lives.

An unsatisfied thirst for knowledge, which drives to work, creates unique pieces that tell a story. The devotion to nature and jewelry rewarded with an open field of imagination. Inspiration that’s wearable, and moreover an absolute revelation of one’s own feeling.