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Orchid Avatar Collier


“Orchid Avatar Collier” is made in 2019 for the collection Cycles of Nature.

This collier is made of brass, bronze, driftwood, emeralds, silver, agates, mother of pearl and micro-granules. Inked yellow and blue and lacquered with matte acrylic lacquer. Brass and bronze is patinated with green patina.

The size of pendant is 15 x 13 x 4 cm, the neckpiece is 17,5 x 14,5 x 0,5 cm. The weight is 82,5 gram.

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Orchid Avatar Collier is made of brass, bronze, driftwood, emeralds, silver, agates, mother of pearl and micro-granules. The nature has rules. But the nature is also chaos. It has multiple possibilities. Amidst the chaos, there is harmony. The freedom of expression lies in the nature. We are controlling our outer expressions. We make rules for ourselves, because we want to know how far we are willing to go. We go beyond the limits and break the rules because we want to know ourself. Orchid Avatar necklace is made of traditional jewellery materials like different stones, metal or mother of pearl. The construction is inspired by natural forms of an octopus and an orchid. When you change your point of view, you will see either chaos and confusion, or you will experience creativity and communication.

Orchid Avatar Collier from the Cycles of Nature collection symbolizes the perfect stage created by nature. There is a source, a connection and motivation. It doesn’t matter which time or place. It’s only one thing and multiple possibilities. I choose work in, and for art, creating jewellery, to make my inner world visible. Colours and forms of biological organisms transformed in my mind.

The perfection of nature’s forms and the beauty of the material challenge me to create jewellery pieces of resemblant quality. Sometimes, my workbench looks like a natural history collection: Driftwood of a wayward-knotted shape, pieces of coral, lichen, dried scale of a carp, petrified sea shell, amber or a sea urchin skeleton gather there.