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Pearl silver earrings


„Pearl silver earrings“ are made in 2019 for the limited Framboise collection.

They are made of silver 925 and Pearls.

The size is 4 x 1,2 x 1 cm and the weight is 5,4 gram.

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These Pearl Silver earrings, made of silver and pearls, are very light to wear. They have a round silver plate from which the chain and a pearl “framboise” is hanging. Allow yourself or your loved ones a splash of playfulness for every day! I have used round white pearls with about 1 centimeter diameter. Pearl jewellery is always in style. They are unique among gemstones, because they come from the sea and they don´t need cutting or polishing. They have a long and ancient history, wrapped in legends and myths.

Where does my inspiration come from? And where does it end? Where it has no limits and no rules, it is inexhaustible. With myriads of sources, in all shapes and colors, it develops itself. The inspiration’s floating in weightless state, it never stands still. By movements of the water pulled back and forth – a solid bottom does not exist. Unknown waters catch our senses with mystic Pearl silver earrings.

An infinite metamorphosis of a butterfly and life. Unrestless energy changes its form, in one moment body to spirit, in another thought to word. Word turns to act, act turns to character. Materials’ metamorphose change the colour and composition. It takes a new shape and charisma. It represents a thought of an immortal energy. Micro-life creating structure.