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Peas Brooch


“Peas” brooch from the Unknown Waters collection 2013.

Made of driftwood, gold 585, brass, alaun crystals and paint.

The surface of the wood is stabilized and lacquered.

About 8,5 x 2 x 2 centimeters.

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Peas Brooch – peas made of self grown alaun crystals, set in driftwood and attached with resin. At one end I’ve set a small gold grain. Small alaun crystals grow on the driftwood body at the back of the brooch. Overall, a very light, fragile crystallized brooch in greenish-blue colour.

An unsatisfied thirst for knowledge, which drives to work, creates unique pieces that tell a story. The devotion to nature and jewelry rewarded with an open field of imagination, inspiration that’s wearable, and moreover an absolute revelation of one’s own feeling.

It is not the goal for me to make the items for the craft, even not for vanity, but for the experience itself. I search inspiration in common things, objects, peoples and situations. The strength of the feelings makes my work deeper and richer. I use gems for the expression of soul. Some works are considered as objects that are suitable for wear.