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Peridot Silver Ring


„Peridot silver ring“ was made for the Deconstructive collection.

It is made of melted recycled silver 925 and round cut peridot.

The size of the ring is 56/7/17,8.

The total weight is 15,9 gram and measurements are 4,5 x 2,3 x 2,3 centimeters.

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Peridot Silver Ring belongs to the collection called Deconstructive Jewellery. The Ring and the collection were inspired by deconstructivist architecture. It breaks the rules of classical construction and composition. It is experimentation with forms, disturbing the traditional perception. The endless possibilities of breaking rules, searching for new combinations and new harmony.

The deconstructive jewelry

Silver and gold. Glass and gems. Construction and emotion. Deconstruction and structure. In and between. Forms twist their way out from the inside. They lift off the skin of the jewelry piece, exposing the structure, they create a second skin around the new volume. The structure breaks down, the surface fills up with forms that are then put under tension by being twisted to each other and to the piece. Between inside and out, original and addition, structure and facade. Pure form is interrogated in a way that reveals its twisted and splintered structure. This apparent chaos actually constructs the body of the jewelry pieces. The internal disorder produces the bar even while splitting it. It is actually constructed out of fragments of that world. The surface is a side effect of the dialogue between internal contorted geometry and external geometry.

Another ring from this collection is the Deconstructive silver ring.