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Philos Ring


“Philos” ring from the collection Unknown Waters 2013

Made of driftwood, brass, glass granules and smokey quarz.

Wood is stabilized and surface is violet lacquered.

The size is 59/8/18,8

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The Philos Ring, the philosophers ring or the philosophical ring. With its light to dark blue colour and natural shiny grey-brownish translucent smokey quarz, it is predestinated as a statement ring. Looks like an unknown animal or a secret flower.

Out there are hundreds of species of unknown nature, strange like “aliens”. This is my Vision about these natures. How I see these species, how they look like in my imagination. In the context are the material and the story, my searching in the past, for unknown and forgotten forms. I choose materials which I can “feel”. That means nature materials with some kind of spirit, materials with a touch, colour or light. I build a kind of bridges between the materials, fit them into each other, and make something special…