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Pretiosus Natura Brooch


“Pretiosus Natura” brooch is from the Orbis Regius collection, 2016.

This brooch is made of driftwood, silver 925, jasper, rock crystal, vanadinite, synthetic ruby, micro granules and lacquer.

Size of the brooch is 12,5 x 5 x 3 centimeter.

The weight is 19,2 gram

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Pretiosus Natura Brooch, made in 2016, as one of the brooches of the collection Orbis Regius.

The perfection of nature’s forms and the beauty of the material challenge me,

Sometimes it’s driftwood of an insanely knotted shape,

pieces of coral, petrified sea shell, amber or a sea urchin skeleton.

It’s about unusual combinations: soft and amorphous –

hard and edged –

translucent and matt light bodies.

The gracile and grotesque-looking deep-sea organisms could be also figments.

Nature and phantasy becomes one.

My jewellery objects are materialized imaginations.

It’s not how the things really are. How they could be –

that is the point of aesthetical capability.

They are shells, skeletons or woods. But are they real?

They are three-dimensional pictures.

I create forms which report about themselves.

Strange, till we realize a reflection of our own psyche in it.

The creations origin in deeper layers of human consciousness.

Feelings, wishes, fears and instincts drift on the bottom of the soul.

Frail souls and thoughts lend us to something white and strong.

Burned in the heat of flame and transformed into someone else.

White textures on hard but fragile material.

With the simplicity of materials they are looking for harmony and individual expression.

Opaque bodies and pieces of this preciousness tempt our senses.

Natural metamorphosis enchants me.

Delicate forms and mellow colors tempt our senses and create unique desserts.