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Blue necklace with wood
portrait Viktoria Münzker Ferus

I'm a professional jewellery artist born in Slovakia and living in Austria. Since 2005 I'm taking part in international awards and exhibitions. 2012 I’ve won the first prize “Azur” Jewellery Art Contest International Baltic Jewellery Show ‘AMBER TRIP’, Vilnius Lithuania, 2013 First prize in Gioielli in Fermento Torre Fornello Award, Italy and 2016 First Prize in Arts and Craft International Design Award.

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Ring Touch & Smell


“Ring Touch & Smell” was made for the collection Touch & Smell in 2009.

It is made of special material like Benzoin Sumatra (which is a balsamic resin, with vanilla-like natural aroma, from the bark of the tree Benzoin Sumatra used in flavours and fragrance industries) melted in polymer clay, then smoky quartz, coral, synthetic and blackened silver 925.

The measurements are 6 x 4 x 4,5 centimeters,

the size is 55/17,5/7.

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Ring Touch & Smell is a scent-filled art object for the finger. Made few years ago, it never looses its fragrance. I mixed the balsamic resin (Benzoin Sumatra) into the polymer clay and melted it slightly to fuse them. The scent is embedded in the clay, that is encased in the half-closed synthetic form. This ring is completed by a special self-cut smoky quartz and a piece of white coral.

Usually, I think about the connection between scent and jewellery. How much does smell influence our life and our sympathies to others, our thinking and our emotions?
In other words, wearing perfume will be like wearing jewellery. I have impregnated wooden pieces with a mixture of ethereal oils and bee-wax to make a new dimension and an experience which has his origin in Pomander (or musk apple). The relation between jewellery and perfume is especially close.
In the middle Ages, the ladies and lords of the Provence carried small pendants filled with musk or amber called “Pomander “. Magic forces were ascribed to this pendants and it is said that they protected its bearer.
During pestilence, pomander was worn as a protection against infections, or merely as a useful article to soothe bad smells.



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