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Shell Necklace


“Shell Necklace” pendant on a steel (silver plated) chain.

Steel chain is 80 centimeters long.

Materials are shell, steel chain, silver 925, glass granules and glass stones.

Pendant is 8 x 2,5 x 2,5 centimeters.

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Shell Necklace is made of medium-sized marine sea snail called Turritella, silver, glass and silver plated steel chain. The name „Turritella“ comes from Latin word Turritus and means „turreted“ or „towered“. The genus is known from the Cretaceous to the Recent periods. The shells are also frequently found as fossils. With its form and its history, Turritella is deeply connected to home and Earth, personal roots and one’s past. The ancient life of this species makes it powerful and stabilizing.

The surface of the shell is polished. You can find blue micro granules in the inside of the pendant. The setting is made of silver and the chain is made of stable steel, plated with silver.

Seashells were in their long history attributed to various sea gods and goddesses. Their strong powers and magical uses were famous in different cultures. Born of the ocean, they are first associated with the element of water. But also the moon, because of his gravitational pull and closest distance. You can find another handmade unique shell necklace here.