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Sign brooch


“Sign Brooch” was made in 2012 for the collection Cherry Romance.

The materials are bone china, patinated silver 925, pearl.

The size is 7,5 x 2,5 x 3 cm and the weight is 14,2 gram.

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Sign Brooch evolved from the desire to recycle beautiful materials with a meaning. In 2012, I’ve created a collection called Cherry romance, which was based on one bone china cup. I still remember, when the cup broke apart and I  got this idea to make one collection made of this special cup. I’ve collected all the fragments and designed brooches and necklaces of it.


I loved this Chinese cup

I didn’t have it that long

I didn’t want it to drop, but as a cup it died

I got seduced by the beauty of the fragments

I wanted to avoid the evanescence

I wanted to provide rebirth for it

I enchanted it

It enchanted me

It is jewellery