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Silver Circles bracelet


“Silver Circles” bracelet is made in 2018 as a one of a kind piece.

The material is silver 925, weight 10,6 gram.

The lenght is 18 centimeters, but it is possible to wear it shorter.

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Silver circles bracelet is hand made of silver 925. The silver circles have a strong structure. Allow yourself or your loved ones a simple one-colored silver bracelet for every day! I have used the round shaped circles in this piece as minimal objects to wear.

Where does my inspiration come from? And where does it end? Where it has no limits and no rules, it is inexhaustible. With myriads of sources, in all shapes and colors, it develops itself. The inspiration’s floating in weightless state, it never stands still. By movements of the water pulled back and forth – a solid bottom does not exist. Unknown waters catch our senses with mystic turquoise.